Turbo Sabre

A high-speed, user-friendly desktop booking engine, Turbo Sabre® will have you making reservations in a flash. It’s perfect for high volume agencies — or new agents who need to get up-to-speed quickly.

Sabre® system formats? No problem. Keypad menus and fill-in-the-blank pop-up windows make you lightening fast. With Turbo Sabre you can access all content in Sabre’s powerhouse global distribution system (GDS). Your agent’s productivity will skyrocket when you use the most efficient booking tool on the market.

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Pricing and Special Offers

Turbo Sabre is available at no cost to all Sabre ConnectedSM agents.

Key Benefits

  • Make more bookings in less time - reduces agents’ keystrokes by 30% - 50%
  • Agents are up and running quickly - shortens training cycles by 33% or more
  • Reduce mistakes - increases quality control compliance by 90% -100%


Tap into complete content from eight major US carriers and over 400 global airlines. Use advanced shopping and pricing tools that make it easy to find the best fares. See over 88,000 hotel properties, more than any other. (Turbo Sabre is integrated with Sabre® Air and Sabre® Hotels).

Access and Availability

Sabre ConnectedSM agencies can begin using Turbo Sabre at no charge today. Just download the latest version and printable installation aides from the Support page on Agency eServices


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